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Over the past 28 years, our firm has grown to a staff of 21.

We believe that the quality of our recruits, and the training, mentoring and experience they receive at the company are the reasons for the our company`s reputation within the medical community, our growth and our success.

We design an individual training program and assign practical responsibilities to each team member consistent with their formal education and their strengths. The training is designed to support and supplement their career interests and, if applicable, pursuit of accounting designation.

Bokhaut Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. offers a base salary that is competitive within the local market, including employer-paid health care and an employer-paid insurance benefits package. We strive to ensure that students have a balance between work experience, studies and life away from accounting. Specifically, we staff our firm to minimize the need for overtime; allow staff extra time off before exams; and provide staff with paid vacation for a period shortly before Christmas until after New Years day.